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Does it get any trendier or artier than this? No, it doesn’t.

You know the world has changed when the iconic American motorcycle company launches an arty helmet exhibition in a super trendy bar in the ultra-hip Sydney suburb of Newton.

The venue was (and is) Mary’s, the band that played that evening was Little Bastard, which had a fiddle-player, so it cannot have been anything but awesome, and some of the country’s edgiest artists displayed their applied creativity to the open-face helmet.

Bike Me! sent Big Tall Dan along for the evening on account of he likes beer, motorcycles and is acquiring a taste in art.

The exhibition runs until the 30th of November and is located at Mary’s Newtown, which is, amazingly, at 6 Mary Street, Newtown, Sydney, NSW 2024.
Go and have a look.


The artists outside Mary’s


Kim Rattenbury’s vision in blonde


She probably should have braided it. The knots will be diabolical.


For when the mating season starts


The artist, Lachlan Bruce, is not a man to butt heads with


Some very Old Skool cool by Ben Brown


Skulls? Always cool.


Sofia Fitzpatrick and her creation


Eddy Lou’s leathery lid


TJ Guzzardi looks into the soul of his work…or he’s checking out the sweaty inner liner. Hard to tell.


Art, and the appreciation thereof, is simply not possible without life-giving beer.


Little Bastard lays down the beats…um, strings…


Yes, of course there were Harley-Davidsons there. This was not the a Monet exhibition, you know.


Nanami Cowdroy went the full samurai


Mason Mulholland’s deeply introspective collage of girl parts


Sindy Sinn’s creation was arty and practical.

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