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Welcome to BIKE ME! website, the spiritual home of motorcycling, brought to you in the form of a perpetual motorcycle magazine staffed by the best writers and photographers in the world.

To the staff and members of BIKE ME! motorcycling is not a mere hobby or a pastime. It is the very breath of life itself. It is a revelation and a blessing. Riding a motorcycle is the greatest thing a person can do, short of maybe saving orphans from a forest fire or curing cancer. Motorcycling is a means and an end and a reason and an excuse and a validation for the human condition. And we love it. So we’re going to showcase it for you on these pages, just the way we think it should be showcased – with honesty, passion, intelligence, controversy and wit.

And we, because we are motorcyclists, know we’re pretty special. A view which is reflected in the Latin motto: Quod Licet Iovi, Non Licet Bovi. This translates as: That which the gods may do, cattle may not. Basically, if you don’t ride a motorcycle, then you’re just another herd animal to us. Hell, if your dad doesn’t ride a motorcycle, you have two mums. We make no apology for being elitist about that.

We will always endeavour to share our passion and our love of the motorcycle and the genuine lifestyle that goes with it, on this site. And we will always amuse you, entertain you and inform you.

So what was once one of the most active and intelligent motorcycling forums on the Internet, has now become one of the best places to get your motorcycle fix. The famous forum is still there, of course – raw, emotional and confrontational, and totally self-moderating, since we have always treated our members as adults. You are free to join in at any time.

Be welcome here, and enjoy.

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