Forum Guide for New Users

So, you’re new to BIKE ME!? You love bikes? We want to hear from you in our Australian motorcycle forum.

Here’s how to get started.

First, read the Rules of Engagement.

Second, register. There’s a handy link here.

Third, go to Ice Broken Here forum. Create a new topic to introduce yourself. You’ll need a title and a post.

Titles aren’t hard. Be creative. “Elvis has entered the building” “owyergoinallright?” “Give me ze plans, old man” “Ducati rider seeks gay lover”.

Or don’t be creative. “I’m here. Where’s the beer?” Like we give a stuff. You’re in an Australian motorcycle forum, not a coven of journalism critics.Tell us a bit about yourself. Your hopes, your dreams, your ambitions, what the Christian Brothers told you not to tell anyone about in high school. OK, we know that’s a bit personal. At least tell us what you ride and what you do for a living.

You will shortly be cocooned in the warm enveloping love of the BIKE ME! clan. Or be descended upon by a pack of slavering wolves. We wish we could work out under what circumstances these alternatives apply, but so far it escapes us.

Life’s a gamble. Throw the dice.

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