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Published on August 27th, 2015 | by Daniel

Send a video, win a helmet

Want to win a new helmet?





BikeMe! is looking for a motorcycle-riding lady, girl or woman to maybe co-host the odd video it makes.


But if you’re a bloke, you could certainly have a crack at this too. We are not sexist.

If you feel you have the sense of humour, the charm, and the talent (and the motorcycle licence, though L and P-plates are acceptable) to be able to work well in front of a camera, then you need to do the following:

  1. Shoot a 30-second video of yourself telling us why you love riding motorcycles and why you’d be the perfect co-host for our videos.
  2. Understand that the 30-second video you send us will be put up on our YouTube channel, website and social media to see what our subscribers and viewers think of it.
  3. Understand this means that you agree that we own the 30-second video you send us and we can edit it and distribute it as we see fit. We don’t own you, we don’t own a small island, but we own the video you send us. That’s how this works.

Are we clear on this? Excellent.

If we like your video, we may get in touch with you and ask you to come on a shoot with us so you can see how we roll. There is no obligation on our part or your part to make any commitments about anything.

But this could be a great opportunity for the right person. That is all up to you.

So you have now read the stuff above and you understand what you need to do and how this works?

Great. Let’s see your stuff.

Please send your video to this link.

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