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Published on March 5th, 2017 | by Daniel Cousins


Here we are just over 1500km later (finally) and I must admit, I now have a bit of a boner for these things. The new Sport Attack 3 tyres from Continental live up to every bit of marketing gibberish put forth by the company. I’ve ridden with them in all the conditions I’d set out to ride in and they have simply LOLed at everything I’ve thrown at them.

Take my final ride before writing this, a blast around the moist, mossy goat-tracks  traversing the Wiseman’s Ferry region in NSW.

They keep their promises. Can’t ask for more than that.

The wet was my primary concern as I’ve ridden on some tyres when I was at AMCN which were amazing in the dry but throw a drop of water on them and they’re absolutely diabolical. Thankfully, this isn’t the case with the Sport Attack 3s which provided consistently glorious feedback all rainy day long. Whatever the hell this magical RainGrip compound with all its added silica is about, it works well for me and let me feed it some anger fairly confidently in the wet. Everything the Sport Attack 3s are capable of when its soggy is amplified in the dry. The marketing stuff states:

“Innovative Grip Limit Feedback Technology increases the level of safety during extreme lean angles as the rider receives feedback from the tyres at an early stage in critical situations for a higher level of control at the limit.”

RainGrip – it’s serious.

In real life, it means grippy and predicable rubber which feels very stable when cranked over on a fast corner chasing Dan on his stupid Crosstourer.

There are stacks of seriously fast international guys waxing lyrical about these tyres on the Internet magazines and wanting to call their first-born Conti or Sport Attack 3. For me it comes down to one thing when I’m given free shit to try out: Would I fork out my own hardish-earned money to have these on my bike? And the answer is yes… yes, I would.

I’m no professional tyre-tester or even that fast of a rider in the vast spectrum of speed-freaks out there, but the Continental Sport Attack 3s let me push my own personal boundaries and didn’t spit me into the Hawkesbury River while doing it.

Shit-hot grip in the wet and the dry with decent longevity at an affordable price?

Consider my habit of always buying the usual brands broken.

Check out Part One of Boon’s time with the Contis HERE.

For more info, prices and your nearest distributor HERE.

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