At the Altar of the Road Gods




This was the second book. You can read it before you read the first book. It won’t matter. They’re not like Game of Thrones. This one is also filled with terrible tales of motorcycling catastrophes, swearing, blasphemy, poo, and dark deeds. Some say it is darker than my first book, but I think they’re only referring to the cover.

I feel you will enjoy this as much as you enjoyed the first one, or maybe less. Or maybe more. It’s hard to pin down. It’s also hard to get, like the first one, but I have a few I can sell you, which I will sign whether you want me to or not.

Others have enjoyed this one too.

‘A pulse-pounding, white-knuckle ride’ – PEOPLE MAGAZINE

‘Laugh-out-loud funny . . . compelling’ –

‘Will delight the motorbike-mad dad’ – TAKE 5’

‘Couched in beautiful Australiana, Boris’ book is an exploration of a life that most of us would never dare to live. Boris describes one of his sharehouses as being “a cross between a Marxist utopia and a pirate ship,” but it may as well be a description of the entire book. Boris writes like a more abrasive Hunter S. Thompson.’ – Aden Dale GOODREADS

PRICE: $40.00 including postage within Australia

POSTAGE OVERSEAS: An extra $20.00 because Australia Post are profiteering swine, but they do provide a tracking number, and this cost is an average across the price range for overseas mail. Sorry. It is what it is.


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