My Mother Warned Me About Blokes Like Me




This was my first book. It concerns the riding of motorcycles and what happens when that riding takes place. There are sweary words, terrible deeds, and poor outcomes.

I bought the leftovers from the warehouse and you can now buy them directly from me because that is how free market capitalism works. And if you buy them from me, I make more money than if you buy them from somewhere else, which will be hard because most places have run out of stock. I will of course sign each copy, because that will devalue your purchase and cause resentment.

Still, you should enjoy it. Other people apparently have.


‘Boris has more fun on two wheels than should be legally possible…’ – Richard Fidler, ABC

‘Mihailovic uses humour like most people would use their fists.’ – Courier Mail

‘His love of motorcycling, mateship and frequent, subsequent mayhem is matched by a natural writing ability that graphically, often hilariously, brings to life the two-wheeled experiences that have shaped his life… Highly recommended.’ – 4 X 4 Magazine

‘There is no requirement to love everything on two wheels to enjoy this book but it would seriously help, as our resident bike nut said about Boris: “This guy lives and breathes motorbikes. He’s the epitome of two-wheel freedom.’ – Mining Chronicle

‘I couldn’t put this book down, was a laugh on every page. Brilliantly written of stories from childhood to adulthood that every bikes should read and even those whom are not into bikes.’- David James

PRICE: $40.00 including postage within Australia

POSTAGE OVERSEAS: An extra $20.00 because Australia Post are profiteering swine, but they do provide a tracking number, and this cost is an average across the price range for overseas mail. Sorry. It is what it is.


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