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Published on June 2nd, 2016 | by Boris


I am shortly to head out into the desert with a rock star and some executives. Because I am old and canny, like a vicious walrus, I know the Australian outback is cold in winter. And given I am travelling with rock stars and executives, only the Road Gods know how long we may all be out there for.

Others may be dressing for what they imagine will be the balmy Outback. I am dressing to survive the White Walker climate.

So I went to see my mate Ray at Held Biker Fashion.

“Ray, “I said to Ray. “I am going into the winter desert next week. I need to keep ice-death at bay. Do you have any gloves that may assist me in this endeavour?”

“I do,” said Ray.

And he did.

He handed me these Freezer II units.


I’m hoping I can play Mossy’s guitar in them.

Now, when the Germans call something “Freezer”, one can safely conclude that whatever carries that name is either the best freezing thing ever made, or, if it’s a pair of gloves, then they will be suitable for journeying to the North Pole while holding icicles in your hand.

And I’m thinking these Held Freezer IIs are the latter.

I have only worn them around town for a day and have yet to plunge them into the sub-zeros of the Outback, but I am amazed.

It takes a bit to amaze me when it comes to gloves. I have been rocking BMW’s top-end winter units for the last seven years. Great gloves.

But these Held items are greater still.

They are filled with GoreTex, have soft knuckle armour, will repel water (though they are not waterproof) and are, manifestly, the absolute last word in warmth.

Of course, they are supremely well-made and comfortable – yes, they are thick – but mostly on top of the glove, so you’re still getting good feel at the controls.

They are made of the softest leather, clearly taken from the gentle bellies of exotic herd mammals which have been massaged by girls called Helga in glorious Bavarian pastures.

And most importantly, they are warm. Seriously, honestly and blazingly warm.

Come at me, frozen desert bastard.


HOW MUCH? $200


 NOTE: I will provide a full and comprehensive report on the Freezer II gloves when I have subjected them to some miles. I’m just telling you this now in case you’ve got cold hands, no heated grips and are wondering what you should do about it.



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