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DAYTONA AC DRY GTX BOOT REVIEW – Toss all your other boots into the bin

Properly used. I love them. Just brilliant.

I have been stomping around in these wonders now for almost three months. All of winter, in fact. They are the second pair of Daytona boots I have acquired.

You may read of the first pair HERE.

Or you can read about these right now, and know they are every bit as impossibly good as the other pair, but better through winter because they are dry and warm.

Good length. Not super short. Not shin-grinding. Pic by Nick Edards.

These are Daytona’s new short boots, and they make every other boot I have ever worn seem a little inadequate. I have rarely beheld a motorcycle product so well made – so utterly dedicated to lasting and to performing as one would expect such an item to perform.

I’m thinking my son will inherit these.

Daytona does have a reputation, after all.

Just so you know what goes into every Daytona boot.

Riders who own Daytona boots will only ever own other Daytona boots – and keep the ones they have for decades. They are seriously that good – and it bears repeating: They are made in Germany by hand. What better recommendation can one make?

The AC Dry GTX is a combination of three leathers – smooth, perforated, and nubuck (that is top-grain cow-hide that has been sanded on the grain-side to give it a velvety, long-wearing surface).

It’s got sole. Me? I have soul.

The inside is GORE-TEX More Season Membrane, so it’s waterproof and breathable. How waterproof? Well, provided you can stop water seeping into the top of the boot, it’s as good as it gets.

The upper edge is soft and has a quick-release shoelace thingy. I know there are schools of thought, mostly worthless, that have an anti-shoelace bent. But a shoe-lace allows a snugger, more precise fit for the boot. And that is an important consideration in case of shit-happening.

Daytona also uses the proper science of anatomy to ensure the climatic insole is shaped correctly for the human foot.

This is the lace-clip thing undone.


And this is it done up. Simple, effective.

There is open-cell padding on both sides of the ankle, and a plastic reinforced inner sole with a hot-dipped galvanised steel inlay for strength and durability.

Yes, of course the sole is slip-resistant. Like Daytona would go to all that effort and make it slippery?

I have included a diagram which shows you why Daytona boots are as good as everyone says they are.

That aside, they are also super-comfortable to wear and walk around in. I actually wear them even when I’m not riding. They go really well with my fancy jeans.

This is as good as motorcycle boots get.

I can’t tell you more than that.

Look the business.

HOW MUCH? $575



City Coast Motorcycles 262 Keira St, Wollongong NSW 2500 P: 02 4228 7392

If your bike shop doesn’t stock these, you might ask them why it doesn’t. And tell them why it should.



Ph: 02 8004 6083

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