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Published on February 28th, 2016 | by Boris

WSBK 2016 PHILLIP ISLAND – Couldn’t make it? Check these shots out.

Yes, it is a tragedy when you just can’t get to Phillip Island for the World Supers.

Let us all hug it out, like men who can’t be at the Island.

Now that that’s done, please enjoy these killer images courtesy of Nick Edards at Halflight Photographic.

You’ll find these are better shots than you’ll see in any magazine when they get around to publishing them, in maybe late March. This is because Nick is a bit of a gun. You should get him to shoot you on your bike. You might even look fast.


“What’s that noise? Is that the sound of bastards behind me losing?”


“Do you think he’ll notice if we don’t put the wheels on it?


Every colour from every rainbow.


“Look! I’m Rossi! But slower. And not as rich.”


Even the waiting is glorious.


Mean and green.


“Him, yeah, him. Ima gonna race him!”


It’s good to be King.

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