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Published on June 11th, 2014 | by Boris


I have decided against presenting you with images of me dressed in skin-tight black thermal undergarments. There are laws against such things, and you won’t thank me when your missus is calling out my name in the wee small hours. You’re welcome.

Just before I left for the recent Pilgrimage to Sofala, the kind and thoughtful folks at Vigilante presented me with a thermal top (known as Sisco) and a thermal bottom (known as Galaxy), and bid me to be warm.

I placed my faith and trust in their garments, put my normal excellent merino thermals to one side and slid on the new outfit.

And I became Vigilante Man.


My body-double needs to work on his shoulders and arms some more.


Some trapezius work wouldn’t go astray either.

Firstly, I appreciated that the garments came in black. It is very slimming. There are few things on this earth worse than non-black thermals if you haven’t got the physique to carry them off and you’re parading around the campground in the soft morning sunshine looking like a bag of suet.


This is my warm and comfortable face. Because I am warm and comfortable.

The Vigilante gear is made of 95 per cent polyester and five per cent Elastane, is designed to wick moisture away from your skin and is incredibly soft to wear thanks to something called a “Sueded Soft Touch” feature. The seams are flat-locked so they won’t gnaw at your flesh and they would be ideal to wear under race leathers in the cooler months. I know lots of folks like that compression gear under their leathers, and in summer that’s fine, but in winter, this Vigilante gear would be outstanding under a vented race-suit.


Don’t skip leg-day.


Squats and lots of them.

Sadly, Sofala was not the barren and frost-blasted tier of Hell it normally is this time of year, but it was still cold enough for me to be thankful for the thermals I had. It got a good deal colder and very wet on the way home on Sunday, and they really came into their own. Yes, they are fast-drying as it says on the box, and given they were not removed from my body for three days (other than for my normal ablutions) it is nice that they are anti-microbial – which means mushrooms and fungi cannot take hold and blossom near your genitals. They didn’t slip down and they didn’t bunch about the jewels and I wore them under jeans and under Dainese touring pants with equal comfort.

And I looked mighty fine in them. Which is really what counts when I’m striking superhero poses, fighting crime and looking for firewood in the Australian bush.

PRICE: The top and bottom are $50 each


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