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Published on August 7th, 2014 | by Boris


The advent of these wrap-around sunnies could not have come at a better time for me. I was experiencing synchronicity issues between by beloved Oakleys and my new Bell open face. The latest model Bell appears to be snugger around the temples than my earlier model. This made the wide-armed Oakleys chew into the side of my temples a bit.

That, in turn, made me fractious and not prone to nodding at my fellow motorcyclists – and we all know what kind of angst that type of behaviour generates.


Yeah, it’s a Selfie. What could i do? I was home alone.

The Mongooses (or is that Mongoosii?) slipped between my temples and the side of the helmet like a sharp knife slides into the rib-space of one’s enemies.

And I hold them to be a good thing for the following reasons:

They look good. Sunnies have to, before anything else, look good on your face. These have the correct amount of menace and arrogance.

They work at speed. I found them to be effective in keeping the tears away up to about 130km/h. After that, you’re crying a bit. Of course, everyone’s head is shaped differently, and you might be able to attain far greater velocities without weeping.

The lenses are made from PCX: Xtreme Polycarbonate ™ that are shatter-proof and some 35 times stronger than glass or CR-39 plastic lenses. They won’t stop a bullet, but a random rock would not render you blind. They also boast scratch-resistance via DuraCoat™ and are very light thanks to their Composite Shock Frames™ to absorb punishment and provide ultimate durability and flexibility. They are also cushioned around the temples and nose bridge, so they don’t bounce or slide down your face when you’re sweating like a whore.


Softness for your skull-bones.

HOW MUCH? RRP $64.90



Of course you do. Good thing I have a pair for just that purpose. Just tell me, briefly, why you would like to slip these on your face, and if I like what you say and the way you say it, I will send you a pair. You have until next Wednesday, 13 August, 2014, to write your reasons on the BikeMe! Facebook page.

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