Dear George Dear George 16-1.2.17

Published on February 16th, 2017 | by George

“Look, I know I’m currently in 12th…”

Dear Gigi,

Look, I know I’m currently in 12th, but according to numerology 12 is a very powerful number. It stands for focus, work ethic, and the Disciples of Jesus.

And it’s also the atomic number for butter.

So that’s good, isn’t it?

Anyway, that’s not why I am messaging you.

I’m messaging you because I know why Cal is third and I am 12th.

Look at this! They are putting wings in his knee sliders!

Gigi, this is huge! I caught them red-handed. Honda has obviously been looking at the grey areas in the rulebook. Again.

I want you to send a formal protest to Dorna. You know how excited Carmelo gets whenever he gets a letter from me.

The letter should state that George (that’s me) has single-handedly caught Cal Crutchlow red-handedly cheating by getting banned wings fitted to his knee sliders.

There are no wings this year! Nowhere!

I like Cal, but not enough to not dob him in for this. It’s a disgrace.



PS. Thanks for the beanbags. They’re really good.

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