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The KCC 900 UPDATE 1

By Swifty

It’s not the first time the crew at BIKE ME! have built a bike (e.g. The Postie Bike of Death), but this time it is for a good cause. A little while ago a request came from a member to help get his wife to Bhutan for a health retreat. To do this she needed to raise at least $3,500 for the “Quest for Life Foundation”. Bhutan is a devout Buddhist nation that measures success in terms of Gross National Happiness. When you are a cancer sufferer, you deserve all the happiness you can get.

When someone in BIKE ME! asks for help, everyone gets on board, and so it came to pass that we decided we would build a bike to raise the funds  for the good lady to go to Bhutan and so the KCC 900 was born.

Pretty soon offers flew in thick and fast, but it was Wayne and Carolynn at Tasmanian Motorcycle Transport who shined the brightest with their very generous offer to donate a Honda CB900 to be customised. Over the coming weeks and months this machine will be transformed from a tired and well-loved motorcycle into something that people will stare at in wonder. A motorcycle, that you would want to own and ride. Not quite a café racer, but a classic restoration. A motorcycle that is both classy and spectacular. And built, quite amazingly, by a bunch of people all working on different parts all over Australia.

This is a very unique and fun way to build a bike. We know, because we’ve done it before.


Col (left) and Wayne (right) finally get it off the truck…


In the beginning there was black.

Once finished, the KCC 900 will be sold with all proceeds going to the Quest for Life Foundation and getting the lady to Bhutan.


A possible version of the KCC 900 Happy Ending?

So, what can you do to help out?

Well, if you’re a motorcycle business or you have some mechanical skills and you wish to donate time, money and or parts to assist in the rebuild, please contact me via email.

In return, BIKE ME! will mention your kindness and efforts on ist Facebook page, this blog, within the forums and on any advertising when the KCC 900 is finally  sold.

Come on, get on board…you know it makes sense.

Learn more about the Quest for Life Foundation.

And be sure to look up Tasmanian Motorcycle Transport whenever you need to transport your bike interstate.

Need more info? Daily updates on the Bike Me! facebook page will fill the hole. And the 2014 KCC Poker Run page is here.

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