Dear George Dear George 17.2.17

Published on February 17th, 2017 | by Suzuki

“The Iannone puta’s bitch-blue puta suit”

Dear George,

Thank you for your email.

No, the fact that we hung “the Iannone puta’s bitch-blue puta suit” out the front of his cabin does not mean that Andrea has died.

So it also doesn’t mean we suddenly have a spare motorcycle for you to ride this year because you’re not happy with the Ducati.

We’re just drying the suit after his stunning test session on Wednesday when he was third. But you probably didn’t see all that much of him, huh?

Does Gigi know you’re sending us this email? He’s going to lose his fucken shit when I tell him, you know.

Oh, and if you’re going to bust up your cabin, can you do it after Andrea goes into town for dinner? He so loves listening to you scream he forgets he has to eat.

Marco Rigamonti
Team Suzuki Ecstar

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