Published on March 28th, 2010 | by Al


Earth Hour, or The Hour of Power as I call it, yesterday. Fairfax Media, publishers of The Sydney Morning Herald, recommended we turn all the lights off for an hour to show we are serious about climate change.

I turned every light in the place on. Then I turned on the space heater and the air conditioner and let them fight it out while playing No Quarter at 11,  watching the TV and downloading about forty gigs of entertainment.

And I cooked myself a tasty steak. Grain fed. Pepper sauce.

Today I went for a Sunday ride. The Wollombi bends were just jim fine, and the Bylong Valley Way delivered as always.

The Mudgee road wound gently through the Great Dividing Range.

Coming back over the Bells Line of Road, I got a couple of big slides. I put it down to cold tyres.


Thanks a lot, Fairfax, you earth-cooling bastards.

I’m also covered in bruises from where the hailstones were hitting me.

On the plus side, it made my visor real clean, and it was fun watching the front wheel drive cars trying to hill start up Mt Tomah.


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