Published on February 19th, 2017 | by Gigi

“What the fuck? Did you really need to send that video…”

Dear George,

What the fuck?

Did you really need to send that video of your house in Barcelona to everybody at Ducati, Audi and Volkswagen?

There aren’t enough tissues to soak up all of Dovi’s tears.

And what do you mean by “Check out all the cool shit Yamaha bought for me! Just sayin’…”?

No, we’re not heating your fucking pool so you can swim in winter.

No, were not getting you “less shy girls”.

No, we’re not lobbying the governor of Barcelona to rename the city “Sparta”.

No, we’re not building you a bigger discotheque and we’re sure not putting up a neon signs saying “Iannone is banned forever” in it.

Like you said “When I win some races, I make some party”, so how about you win some races first? We can make some party after that happens.

Fuck, George. Seriously.



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