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Published on January 13th, 2016 | by Boris


If there was ever a product that I could put my hand on my heart and declare to be thoroughly and comprehensively ‘tested”, then these Falco boots would be it.

I have worn the pair I received 18 months ago virtually every day. I have done everything in them because they have been on my feet, for all practical purposes, every day.

They have done more than 80,000km on various bikes. They have been wet approximately 20 times. And by “wet”, I mean bottom-of-the-sea soaked. They are not waterproof, nor do they claim to be. And it takes them about 36 hours to dry out.


Beautifully made to last.

I have walked many kilometres in them. I have attended high-level business meetings in them. I have danced in them and I have slept in them. Some 15 car doors have been kicked by them. I have been hunting in them, camping in them, and I have kicked burning logs back into fires with them on my feet.

In short, I have done everything but crash in them…hang on, I did that too when I broke my neck and arm.

So yeah, me and these Falcos have seen some miles. And they have been marvellous. I am amazed at their longevity, which speaks quids about their quality. Hell, I haven’t even changed the laces, and bar a few errant stitches that have begun to fail, they have retained their structural integrity.


These are my old Falco Shiro boots. Still perfectly serviceable.

Top-notch bit of gear, no argument.

They are comfortable from the first time you put them on, and they stay that way. They retain their original shape amazingly well and your foot isn’t wobbling around after a break-in period.

But what I like most about them is that they don’t look like a motorcycle boot, yet they are one. There’s reinforcing where there needs to be reinforcing for gear changes and around the heel, and the ankles are well-supported. The sole is non-slip. They are as tough and durable as…well, an old boot, I guess, and as I have demonstrated. And you can wear them all day every day and to pretty much any function or workplace that doesn’t require spats or steel-caps.

Sure, some of my friends, Boon in particular, have said unkind things about “Grandad in skate shoes”, but I do not care, for I am young at heart; and old enough to know more about the application of cold vengeance to smart-arses.

I am also old enough to know that if you’re good to your feet, they will serve you well and for a long time. Mine remain in tip-top condition because I have always cared about the footwear I inflict upon them.

But the time had come to upgrade the old Falcos. So I rang Dave Maddock from Ficeda, as I do from time to time, and said: “Dave, I need new boots.”


Setting trends and riding skateboards. And motorcycles.


The venting, fore and aft. Clever. I’m curious to see how well it works.

“What kind of boots?” Dave asked, somewhat guardedly.

“The kind that dreams are made of. The kind I can dance in. The kind that say stylish urban professional. The kind that draws admiring looks from long-legged Thai girls in very short skirts.”

“I have told you not to call me when you’re drunk,” Dave said.

“I’m not drunk,” I replied. “I just need you to send me a new pair of them Falcos. I believe the model designation is 872 Blazer.”

“Great boots, aren’t they?”


“Do you want them in red?”
“Do you want to have children?”

“I love your work.”
“I love yours too.”

A week later my new Falcos arrived. They are still made in Italy, but the new design differs a bit from the old one. No longer is there a zipper and velcro tab on the side.The new ones are all laces. White ones, as it turns out. And, most interestingly, they are vented in a clever way. How effective that actually is, I will let you know.

I am now even more cutting-edge, bo-ho, uber-fashion sex-lord than I was before. I know, I know. It’s hard to picture that. But it is very much the case.

My feet are happy.

And they will be happy for many, many miles. That is a foregone conclusion.

HOW MUCH? $199.95

WHERE FROM? Any good motorcycle shop, or go to the Ficeda site HERE.

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