Dear George Dear George 20.3.17

Published on March 20th, 2017 | by George

“Dear Gigi, As you can see, I am very relaxed and ready to race in the desert in the darkness”

Dear Gigi,

As you can see, I am very relaxed and ready to race in the desert in the darkness.

I have bought some new red pants when I went shopping in Doha with my friend Hamid yesterday. They are dyed with the blood of the racing camels Hamid’s father breeds. It’s the red I think Ducati should be using.

But we can talk about that after I win on Sunday.

And do not worry, I WILL win on Sunday. And I will win because I am the best rider on the grid and I always have been.

I’m thinking I will play mind games with them all, and not show all of my Butter during practice and qualifying. This is a good strategy no-one has used before. That way they will think I am weak and slow. This will fool them and they will underestimate me, just like that puta Rossi has underestimated me all these years.

I will charge through the pack like the Red Mamba charges through all the other mambas and I will find my rhythm quickly. And then it will be my victory.

I think also I have discovered who Jonas Fucking Folger is. When I am sure it is who I think it is, I will have words with him and he will have new respect for my Butter. Or he will see my Hammer.

I will be at the track on Friday a few minutes before FP1 starts. Please make sure there is no sand in my bed.



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