Dear George

Published on March 22nd, 2017 | by Gigi

“Dear George, You do know where the track is, right?”

Dear George,

You do know where the track is, right?

Do you need me to send you a Google Maps thing?

Don’t be late. The witch-doctor will be here at dawn and I will have the magic box ready for him to put new spells inside.

Yes, he will bless your spear. I told him that is important.

Look, I found this disturbingly accurate article on the internet. It’s like this man has cameras in our pit garage.

Don’t worry. I have checked. We’re good. And I have notified Dorna. He will never be allowed anywhere near you.

And don’t read the article. I can’t get any new furniture in this stupid country. They all sit on carpets and yell at you about buying their camels.



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