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Smokin’ good boots.

I’m sure some of you crustier long-termers have heard of Daytona boots.

I had certainly heard of them. They were the stuff of legend.

I could never afford a pair, so I coveted them from afar. I knew they were, as far as boots were concerned, the absolute best money could buy.

Big call, right?

Sure. But entirely correct.

Daytona is a German company owned by the Frey family which has been in business since 1957, and making bike boots since 1962.

The philosophy in their making is simple.

Make your boots by hand.

Get German craftsmen to make them with their hands.

Make boots that will last. Not just a few years. But decades.

Make boots that will be comfortable and safe, in terms of construction and impact resistance.

Worship at the altar of Gor-Tex.

Use nothing but the best materials in the boot, including thicker leather, processed in a different way, and stand by your product.

You know how well Daytona stands by its product? If, after 20 years, your boots are starting to show signs of wear, the factory will replace the inners, the membrane, the soles, the liners – whatever is needed – and your boots are back on your feet.

No-one else does that.

So since there is a new importer of Daytona boots in Australia (Made in Germany Pty Ltd) I got me a pair of AC4 WD short boots at the height of summer.

And I have been wearing them ever since. All the time. Hell, I go out in them.

I have never owned a better pair of boots, and I likely never will. I own a few good boots and a few very good boots.
I now own great boots.

The AC4s appear to be made on another planet, by aliens who are really good at this. So, Germany.

They are light. They are strong. They are great for warm and temperate weather. They do not have Gore-Tex, so they are not waterproof, but they are not designed to be. They are a light, short boot, for those happy days.

You pull them on using the very clever finger stirrup at the back of the ankle, then you pull the laces tight, clip it down with the steel thingy…and that’s it.
The ankle is armoured, the toes are solid, and the whole thing feels exactly like a premium quality product should.

See? If you covet something long enough and hard enough, the Road Gods take pity on you and grant your desire.

In all seriousness, if you’re after a pair of boots which exist on another level, check Daytona out.

No-one who has ever bought a pair has regretted the purchase.

Neither will you.


HOW MUCH? $299


All enquiries:






Pro Cycles St Peters 140 Princes Highway, St Peters 02 9564 8010

Pro Cycles Hornsby 148 George Street, Hornsby 02 9910 9500

Brisan’s Motorcycles

250 Maitland Rd, Islington NSW 2296

(02) 4940 8777

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