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Published on December 31st, 2015 | by Ghost Writer


The home motorcycle workshop, a.k.a the shed, the garage, the man (or woman) cave. A place were we can a escape the troubles of the world. Our very own Fortress of Solitude.

If you are one of the righteous and own a motorcycle or three, you understand deeply the importance of a workshop.

It is a place were you sneak off just to look at your bike and drink a beer or two. A place were dreams are dreamt, bench races are won and lost and where memories are made. It can also be a place were skin is lost, swear jars are overflowing and bits of flotsam and jetsam seem to always get in the way when your are searching for that elusive 10mm spanner.

BIKE ME! wishes to pay homage to these beautiful places…

Side of the road

Sometimes it’s just a tin roof and a dirt floor.

Comfy couch

A place to sit back and admire your hard work.


A woman handy on the tools… there should be more of them.

Old School Charm

Old school.


Racers at heart.

In bits

This poor bloke doesn’t even own one. Maybe we should start a fund.


Plenty of starts, not enough finishes.

In progress

A work of art in progress.


What BIKE ME! post wouldn’t include a girl draped on a bike? Not this one, that’s for sure.



Hard at Work

Back in the day. “Jolly good show old bean…pip pip”.

Just like home

Looks familiar.

No coffee machine

Only opened on sunny days.

Still a bit to do

Nearly finished… that’s what we all say.

Where does this part go

What socket do you use to fit a rooster to the swingarm?

A bit of everything


New still need work

Even new bikes need the warm bosom of a shed.


BIKE ME! thinks this bloke might be famous. Ten Internets if you can guess who he is.




He’s smiling ’cause he has a man cave to be proud of.

Neat Beemer Shed

Can you truly trust a man with a shed this neat?


Simple yet effective.


Making mechanics out of motorcyclists since 1903.

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Born from an egg on a mountain top, he is a small chap with a big punch. He has been riding motorcycles since he stole his old man's DT175 at the age of 11 to ride up and down the street while he was at work. He has owned and ridden lots of motorcycles, including Harley-Davidsons,Triumphs, Yamahas and KTMs. In his spare time he takes his son out riding on the MX track, restores an old Ducati and sells BIKE ME! merchandise.

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