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Once again, we are proud and pleased to offer a range of superb racing images from the lens of Nick Edards of Halflight Photography, who is wandering around Morgan Park during the current round of the ASBK being one of the best snappers in the business.

Check out Hedgie’s MCNews for the latest on the racing HERE.

James Condon, R3

Young James Condon puts his R3 through its paces.

32 David Roughley, #27 Nic Limminton, R6 Supersports

David Roughly (32) and Nick Limminton (27) make a match of it.


Sloan Frost steering off the back hoop.

Adam Senior, R1 Superbikes

Adam Senior beholds the horizon.

Ben Blyth, R6 Supersports

Ben Blyth skirting the wall.


Mr Bayliss winning hearts and minds. And filling underpants with poo.


Cru Halliday working the R1.

harrison cox

Harrison Cox looks for the competition.

Jamie Stauffer, CBR Superbikes

Mr Stauffer in the office.

Lachlan Epis

Lachlan Epis and the Suzuki that’s painted like a Kawasaki.

Mike Jones, Duc Superbikes

Mike Jones on his epic Ducati.

Nic Limminton, R6 Supersport

Nic Limminton wins the brightest helmet award.

Ryan Hampton

Ryan Hampton works the rear rubber.

Tayla Relph, NSF250

Miss Tayla Relph styles it up.

Wayne Maxwell, R1 Superbikes

Wayne “Mr Maximum” Maxwell along the wall.

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