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Once a year, the legendary Troy Bayliss invites a bunch of people to do some flat-track racing up in his old home town of Taree, on the NSW north coast.

Many of these people are somewhat legendary themselves in motorcycle circles.

Some very fast and furious blokes line up to have a crack every year, at what’s become one of the premier motorcycle racing events in Australia.

This year, the Yanks sent over their top five AMA Pro Flat-Track racers – Henry Wiles, Jake Johnson, Brad Baker, Sammy Halbert and the unstoppable Jared Mees.

The Long-Track World Champion Joonas Kylmakorpi, Japanese Flat-track champion and sensation, Masatoshi Ohmori and Pommy Supermoto Champion, Chris Hodgson, also came over to move a lot of oil-soaked dirt over the weekend.

Against them raced many of the gods of Australian motorcycle racing – 27 of them with more than 200 titles between them…

Bayliss, Herfross, Caslick, Buckmaster, Crump, Giles, Gunter, Horten, Lovett, Style, Watson, Gall, Davies, Hollis, Hook, Kirkness, McNamara, Oram, Parkes, Richards, West, both the Cudlin brothers, Menzies and Brook.

Whatever dirt the foreigners didn’t spray, you can be assured these blokes did.

But this year, Jared Mees won the Classic. It’s the second time he’s done that.

The national shame will have to be avenged next year.

Our thanks for the killer snaps to Nick Edards of Halflight Photography. He will sell his work to you HERE.

The change of direction is always salty.


The man responsible for all these dirty deeds.


Jared Mees (No.9 ) would not be denied.


Been a few years since anyone saw one of these on the track.


Clearly Indian is back on the warpath.


Mr Bayliss still slides with the best of them.


Troy Herfross used every colour available. He managed a strong third.


“Bring me the heads of my enemies.”


The start is always crucial, huh, Troy?


Jason Crump – always on, always fast.


If rainbows were made out of blood, sweat and steel, this is what they would look like.


The racing is as close as racing gets.


So much talent in one place.


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