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On Saturday I took myself off to Sydney Motorsport Park for the third round of the YMF ASBK Superbike races.

Motorcycling Australia (MA) had very kindly provided me with a press pass and an invitation to the event, possibly in the hope that I would be one of seven million people who might be lured away from watching the other series.

Or maybe MA just had some spare passes and figured “What the Hell, perhaps the tattooed swine will cease his anti-social perambulations about God’s green earth and come and watch the racing”.

So I did just that.

I wandered around, I spoke to lots of people, I took lots of photos and relied upon the genius of Nick Edards to take the racing shots, which he did, and you may see them HERE.

If you want an excellent breakdown of the races, go HERE and read Hedgie’s always comprehensive coverage.

I was just there to suss the vibe of it all. Because I am all about the vibe of things. And the vibe was interesting. And different.

There is a palpable sense that things are progressing in the right direction in terms of road-racing. And about time, too.

Are there still problems in terms of live-streaming? Sure. But that in no way detracts from the actual racing. And it’s an issue really best sorted out in an alley with straight razors.

Yes, I know MA seem to be changing bosses at the moment like a stripper changes G-strings.

Once again, it’s a matter for MA and men who fight with blades.

I only care that the race meetings it stages are professionally run and that I get to see the best riders, all of them, carving each other up like hams.

And that is what I got. It is always a delight to see Allerton, Halliday, Herfross, Jones and Stauffer up in each others’ shit, and it was especially beaut to see young Daniel Falzon shining as the fastest privateer.

I was there on a Saturday, and the crowd was small, but bigger than I expected. It was a larger assembly on a slightly rainy Sunday, but it’s still not what it should be. You’d think the plethora of social media-based motorcycle groups would be interested in seeing the fastest riders in Australia gnaw on each other, but since there isn’t a gelataria on the track – and Sydney Motorsport Park is like, you know, a fair way away from the Old Pacific Highway and the Royal National Park – their non-attendance is perfectly understandable.

For those who didn’t go, I offer up the following images (the on-track stuff is all Nick Edards) so that you may also feel a bit of the vibe…


“It’s one up and five down, right?”


Steve Martin putting the fear of the Baby Jesus into a passenger.


Mr Bayliss was also on hand to fill undies and incite prayers.


And they had seen what they had done, and they were happy.


Three thugs, actually.


“Maybe I am facing the wrong way…”


“If I don’t win, my father beats me and my mum puts the boot in.”


Bracksy was on hand to provide commentary and tyre-selection advice to the youngsters.


This one seems to be bedded in nicely.


Who’s the fastest privateer?


Daniel Falzon, that’s who.


Always great to see the great ones at the track.


Men with rubber products.


Yes, promo girls. Always have promo girls.


Glenn ‘The Alligator’ Allerton…


…and his new set-up.


The lovely Allana Barrato and Don Ezio from Aprilia brought quality Italian bike pornography to the track.


Ben O’Connor from Bike Me’s! Team SCR racing bringing class and sophistication to the field.


And hoping he can find a front wheel at some stage. Good work, Ben.


So full of menacy goodness.


With Giles and Tainton in his corner, Brayden Elliot is going places.


“Lorenzo has people to do this, doesn’t he?”


“Hello, ladies!”


Up in the media room, Mr Colvin surfs the Net for exciting images.


Me? I just drank the free coffee and asked pretty girls to smile.


“That Turn Four can piss right off!” AMCN’s editor Chris Dobie (right) at the commencement of his doubtlessly stellar racing career.


Fastest sticker collection on earth.


“This is my beloved dinosaur.”


“This potato has a strange flavour…”


No, it’s not Stoner. Relax.


Superb race face.


Good day at the office.


It’s not pink. It’s blurple.


All the colours. Every damn one of them.


Faster, until the thrill of speed overcomes the fear of death.


Daniel Falzon and the BikeMe! sticker that makes all the difference.

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