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It’s the Third Annual Wot’s Den Show and Shine, that’s what.

Wot is a very large and most accommodating fellow who has a biker clothing-and-stuff shop out in the wilds of far western Sydney.

Minchinbury to be precise.

A place where werewolves and zombies have been known to stalk the night, gunshots have been heard echoing in the grim canyons of the industrial estates and gnawed-upon bodies have been found in the cold light of the morning.

And while it was cold the morning Biffa and I ride to Wot’s Den, we did not see any bodies despite getting a bit lost among all the vast warehouses in that part of the world.

“You were in the Army Survey Corps,” I said to Biffa as I handed him a map my computer had spat out the night before.

“Yeah,” he agreed. “But I made them, I don’t read them.”

But he read it anyway and after backtracking a kay or so, we rolled into the M-centre’s carpark and I docked the BIKE ME! Yamaha Project Bike Grey V-Train in among the other show bikes. Its matte greyness swallowed the light coming off the chrome-lashed Harleys and if you walked a few metres away you could no longer see it.

Job done.

I was very pleased and surprised to see just how big this show has got in this, its third year. There were at least 60 bikes on show, half-a-dozen stalls and a bit of motorcycle royalty wandering about the place in the form of Shawn Giles, Tim Munro and Warren Toombs (whom I didn’t recognise at first because I am old and blinded by suffering).

There were even some hipsters there, which was nice and a few of their bikes were quite snazzy. A few others were rubbish (in terms of aesthetics), but the same can be said for some of the Harleys parked about the place. Still, none of the hipsters who’d got all butt-hurt about a recent article I wrote regarding their advent felt the need to stab me up that morning, so my day was looking bright.

The show raises funds to fight Multiple Sclerosis, an utter cunt of a disease which has claimed a few people I know. It does this via cold coin donations and raffles and thus remains utterly free to attend and to enter your bike. Truly altruistic and worthy of support.

As usual, the carpark provided as much of a bike show as the entries did and there was even a tank there, presumably in case of attack by werewolves or zombies.

All up, a beaut way to spend a cold winter’s day.

watsden 010

Come at me, chrome.

watsden 009

Y’all clrealy wanna see what that is parked next to the Yamaha, huh? Aaron, a former motorcycle mechanic (who used to service the MV I had) and is now in the bastard clutches of MS, also wanted a closer look.

watsden 008

Tis a CX500 – but less plasticky and maggoty.

watsden 030

See? Yeah, and now you can’t unsee it.

watsden 012

The Skullster being cleaned by its owner.

watsden 014

And this is why it is called The Skullster

watsden 016

Flames and skulls.

watsden 017

I believe this is Wat’s personal Rocket 3.

watsden 018

Matte black and a bit twisty.

watsden 019

Sweet little Ducati.

watsden 021

Presumably this is Thor astride his Hammer, Mjölnir.

watsden 023

Patina by Dulux.

watsden 024

Yes, that is where he keeps his extra petrol.

watsden 026

It’s a brand. Ironically, “Speed and Power” is a relative concept for many.

watsden 032

Speed and Power is a relative term here, too.

watsden 063

Look closely.

watsden 035

Come get some, werewolves!


watsden 058

This sounded very meaty.

watsden 039

Guess it beats taping it to your bike. Maybe…

watsden 042

Then this came on the back of truck. I pass no judgement. I merely show it to you in the following images…

watsden 044

watsden 045

watsden 046

watsden 047

Let’s move on, shall we?

watsden 055

Very mint.

watsden 059

Like twins, but even twinnier.

watsden 060

Look, I make art with image, fucken. You can have this as a free wallpaper. You’re welcome.

watsden 065

This had very nice lines.

watsden 066

Brilliant airbrushing.

watsden 069

Blue Steel by Toombsy.

watsden 073

Slopes beautifully

watsden 083

New patch club?

watsden 089

On a postie bike

watsden 091

This magnificent dinosaur was in the carpark.

watsden 094

The owner kicked it into life and as he was riding away I congratulated him on his hi-performance aftermarket braking choice. Deadpan, he states: “Yeah, they get a long at a fair clip, you know.”



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