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Freddie ‘Krugger’ Bertrand, the Cup and the Ring

Freddie ‘Krugger’ Bertrand is now wearing the World Champions’ ring after being named the 2010 AMD World Championship of Custom Bike Building. If you excel at any other endeavour on earth you might get a cup, but if you excel at the 2010 World Championship of Custom Bike Building you get a cup AND a ring.

The bike with which he claimed the title was built for Veon Motorcycle’s owner Peer Toftner and features a unique electronically adjustable frame system developed by Peer in conjunction with Dutch designer Mark van der Kwaak. At the flick of a switch the V-Rod engined bike can be transformed from a low-riding cruiser with long rake to sport bike mode with a shorter wheelbase and steeper rake. The radical machine even has two sets of foot controls to match each style of riding.

The World Championship of Custom Bike Building comprises four divisions: Freestyle, Modified Harley-Davidson (sponsored this year by, um, Harley-Davidson), Production Manufacturer and Metric.

A picture being worth a thousand words, BIKE ME! presents for your viewing pleasure the first three in each category, making nine thousand words in all that we didn’t have to write, and so we will probably go to lunch early today, and maybe have an extra sambucca afterwards. Or two.


Freddie Krugger's V-Rod-engined Veon

Freddie Krugger’s V-Rod-engined Veon


There’s a hundred cubic inches of Indian in Thunderstruck Custom Bikes Inc’s Sniper


Garage65’s Kcosmodrive actually came fourth, but as third place came first in the Metrics we thought we’d give them a look-in. Based on the 124 cubic inch TP motor.



Yuri Shif Custom’s The Machine – also third in Freestyle. Their own 4 cylinder boxer made out of BMW R71 and K-750 parts.


A 1965 BSA 650 engine powers Speed Shop Design’s Beezerker


Blech & Drueber’s Walton – the 850 Commando lives

Modified Harley-Davidson


Binford Custom Cycles’s Que’ Paso


Carl’s Cycle Supply couldn’t think of a cool name for their entry. It came second anyway.


Doomtown Choppers’ AntiRUB. Just the thing for the dirt road tourers.

 Production Manufacturer


Sbay Motor Co’s Flying with 110 c.i. Revtech motor


Darwin Motorcycles’ Brawler GTR – built around the 124 c.i. S & S


Kiwi Indian MotorCycle Co’s Kiwi Indian Factory Board Tracker: old school flathead and leaf springs

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