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Published on May 12th, 2014 | by Boris


I am an unashamed fan of Shark helmets. One of them saved the punters at Sydney Motorsport Park from being splashed with bits of my brain and subsequent bone shards some years ago when my 10-turn racing career came to an abrupt halt. Halcyon days.


This is the new Shark Explore-R. It’s made out of a lightweight carbon aramid fibre and multi-axial glass-fibre shell with a removable peak, drop-down sunglass visor and removable clear visor. It offers a full-screen panoramic field of vision, so you can see the kangaroo seconds before it hits you in the face, and comes with an anti-fogging system that Shark guarantees will provide complete visibility no matter how deep a pit you fall into. And if you’re one of them four-eyed bastards (like me) the Easy-Fit System ensures optimal comfort for riders wearing glasses.

It’s light and includes a neck guard to protect you and the underside of the helmet should you be stuck in the middle of a downpour. Furthermore, the retractable windshield within the chin cover makes light work of that nasty head-wind during long rides on the open road.
RRP: $599.99


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