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I long ago lost the stress of what to do on Good Friday.

I’ve not been a church-goer for more than 40 years.

The pubs are all closed.

The Highway Patrol and its double-demerit-points feeding frenzy causes an excess build-up of bile in my sweetmeats.

Thus I give thanks to Hard’n’Fast Promotions for its annual Bankstown Bike Show – which has always ticked every box any bloke ever needs ticked on the holiest day of the year.

Let me show you…

h612014 378

If you get there early, before the crowds, you can get a good look at the bikes.

h612014 370

This was out in the carpark being for sale.

h612014 371

They will stunt for food. And rightly so. Brilliant show, by the way.

h612014 372

My mate, Greg Ferraina, was there to Supermotard his guts out. And he did.

h612014 373

Yes, good morning to you two too.

h612014 374

The wondrous Mr Richer and his fine lady from DV8 Leathers.

A gourmet-selection of some of the best custom bikes in the country to salve thine eyes with glory?

Yes – and there was even some dusty, patina-kissed vintage stuff if that took your fancy. But some of the custom builds were just stunning.

Hot babes with jiggly boobies, short skirts and high heels for you to gaze in base lust upon?

Yep. Entire herds of them. And in a variety of shapes, sizes and hair-styles. There were even competitions to stack them in order of lusciousness, for its own sake.

h612014 410

Black is very slimming

h612014 414

The devil is in the details

h612014 415

Well, yes. Fair call.

h612014 417

Fat and black.

h612014 418

Not so fat and black. Oh, and I included the bloke so the ladies here will not accuse me of sexism.

h612014 419

Al, Arianna and Ben. Only Arianna is having a good time.

h612014 397

This is Miss Evy. She was a baby when I was working for Ozbike.

h612014 375

Ready for Superpole.

h612014 376

Heh, and you thought upside-down forks were the last word in handling.

h612014 379

Classic rigid Shovel

h612014 406

My old mate, Bob, his son, and a very rare and utterly original Sturgis.

h612014 381

Clean me, baby.

h612014 382

Beaut black bagger.

h612014 384

Yes. Shut up. Just yes. A V8 barstool.

h612014 385

The Boss Hoss. Enflamed no less.

h612014 389

Fat it out.

h612014 391

Those big radius fronts are growing on me.

h612014 392

I loved this VROD. I wanted to touch myself, but felt that was a bridge too far.

h612014 396

He’s ready when you are.

Feats of strength, where mighty men did violent and brutal things to each other in a controlled environment, or who contended upon the dirt oval of speed-battle emitting clouds of methanol and spite?

Shit hell verily yes! Not only were there warriors dressed in armour smashing the crap out of each other with edged weapons, there was wrestling, weight-lifting and heaps of stunting, flat-track and super-motard excellentness.

h612014 408

An armoured ranga? Holy fuck…

h612014 409

He showed me his war face.

h612014 446

Masterclass parenting skills.

h612014 453

Tools of the trade. Probably not by Sidchrome.

h612014 458

“Dear Lord, please lend strength to my sword arm so that i may smite my enemies and friends with equal ferocity.”

h612014 452

Team Havoc understands violence.

h612014 462

See? But wait, there’s more…

h612014 464

h612014 463

h612014 466

h612014 465

h612014 474

h612014 494

h612014 496

..and done. I could have watched this all day. Thank you, Team Havoc.

Frosty beverages to slake one’s thirst and the seared meat of dead beasts to quell one’s hunger?

In vast abundance so that your arteries could be shown who was boss and how he rolled on a high holy day.

And there was me. Broken, crippled and limping about the place like a kicked dog.

Still, since it was the first day after I smacked the car that I could button up a pair of jeans, I was a happy kicked dog.

h612014 500

Caged for your safety.

h612014 502

“Hell, no, I do not want world peace.”

h612014 405

Stiv, he gets all the girls.

h612014 420


h612014 437

Being dirty

h612014 433

Being strong

h612014 515

Being crazy

I caught up as I do each time I go, with old mates. And as the years go by we congratulate ourselves on still being around. We compare scars. We do a lot of rueful smiling.

And rueful smiling is still smiling.

And there needs to be more of that on long weekends.


Hard’n’Fast Promotions have the day down pat. The show is a miracle of organisation and logistics, and each year, as new things are added to the mix, I’m sure the equation grows even more complex. I would extend my gratitude to the blokes for their hospitality.

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