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Published on June 6th, 2014 | by Boris


Smacking yourself into a gum tree or sailing though an intersection and into the back of a bus can suck a diabolical amount of mammal penis. Avoiding a scenario like this is crucial to your well-being and on-going happiness.

Vesrah can assist you in this regard. It has been making high-quality brake pads since 1950 and supplies them to several of the Japanese manufacturers, all of whom frown with disappointment when their customers fang themselves into the scenery.


Get your Control Freak on.

It makes brake pads for on- and off-road use and the current Aussie Supersport champion Daniel Falzon (Go, Daniel!) and Australian Superbike Privateer Champion, Glenn Scott (Go, Glenn!) use Vesrah pads (which come in four racing compounds) when they are out-braking their competition.

Ficeda Accessories Pty Ltd is all chuffed about Vesrah being included in its range of quality products and you should be able to acquire the pads at your local bike shop. Or cause a scene and yell if they do not stock them. That normally works.



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