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TCX BOULEVARD-X WATERPROOF LADIES BOOT REVIEW – “Finally, boots that look like they were made for girls…”

I took my wife out of them for the picture.

It seems girls, women, and ladies have all these issues when it comes to motorcycle boots. I had no idea. Like, I knew (because I have a wonderful wife), when it comes to shoes, lifetimes can be spent trying on endless variations of heels, all of which fall short in some ineffable way, before finally “falling in love” with and subsequently acquiring a pair that cost about the same as a high-end motorcycle exhaust system.


I accepted this as part of my duty as a man, didn’t give it all too much thought, and moved on with my life. As you do. Women buy shoes (well, clothes in general) in a very different way to men.


Then the good folks at TCX sent my wife, Lynette, a pair of Italian-designed motorcycle boots. Very brave of them, I thought. The boots could have ended up as landfill just as easily as they could have provoked a love affair.


I presented them to her, and she perked up some.


“They look pretty good,” she said.


Big tick right there. She went off to try them on. Then she came back and declared: “Love the heel. Very stylish. Seem comfortable, but so did you initially, and I don’t have to wear thick-arse socks. Oh, and my feet don’t look like they belong to a giant bloke.”


“So you like them?” I asked.

“I do,” she nodded. “We need to go for a ride…no, dickhead, on the bike.”

I suppose a bloke could wear them…if he really wanted to.

So off we went. A short, but meaningful hop on Aprilia’s new Tuono V4.


When we stopped for lunch, I put her to the question…


“Well, they’re great,” she shrugged. “They’re not rubbing anywhere, which surprised me because it’s a very solid-feeling boot. And they’re a great height. Oh, and it’s good they do not chew on my shins when I walk.”


“No wearing-in blisters?”


“Nope. And we usually have softer feet than you clomping dinosaurs. So that’s important.”


“That’s all down to them nice-smelling creams you lot are always rubbing into yourselves.”


“That would be them,” she nodded.


“So they’re good to walk around in. What about on the bike?”


“I’m able to move my ankle freely, and there was no slippage on the peg, even though you rode like a dickhead at times. My foot felt protected, but style wasn’t sacrificed.”


“This style thing is important?”


She looked at me like I just told her I’d bought a crocodile to keep the neighbour’s cat out of my yard.


“What’s wrong with you? That’s THE most important thing. They have to look good or I’m not wearing them. I’m not you.”


“I am immune to style-shaming. I have more than 2000 Instagram followers. Another 500,000 and I am a legit style icon.”

An excellent non-slip sole.

“Shall I hold my breath?”


“You wanna know the boot specs?”


“I want to see the wine list.”


My wife seriously doesn’t care how sausages, or boots, are made. But you might.

I asked my wife to stand like this. She threatened me with violence. I then stole the picture from the Internet.

The boots are made in Romania from full-grain leather, close with a quality YKK zip, and offer padded protection at the ankle, with reinforcement at the toe and heel. The inner sole is soft and replaceable, and they’re lined with a soft-touch, T-Dry waterproof lining. The heel is 4.5cm high.


I’m thinking water will still leak into the top of the boot as it runs down her leg, but she may start beating me well before that happens and I will pull over.


At the end of the day, Lynette liked them very much and she is very hard to please when it comes to footwear. And husbands, so she tells me.


WHO IS TCX? Based in Montebelluna, Italy, and formerly known as Oxtar, it is now owned by Dainese.


HOW MUCH? $279.95


WHERE CAN I GET THEM? You can check them out at


or your nearest motorcycle shop.

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