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Published on September 17th, 2014 | by Boris


It’s named after a mountain in the Himalayas that has murdered hundreds of intrepid climbers and left their bones in frozen stasis for the yetis to eat. Thus shall K’A’RCHERS’s new K2.190 pressure wash slay all the filthy dirty filth-dirt that has accumulated upon your motorcycle.


So you rode through a bog, huh?

It’s light (4.7kgs) has wheels (so it’s like a Gixxer) and vomits forth hateful water at a pressure of 1600psi, which is more than enough to flay the skin from your wife’s cat or remove the blood from where you bled out on the frame after pulling sick air at Pacific park. Dirt is no issue.

Happily, this pressure is controllable via a trigger (like a gun) and comes with a dirt-blaster attachment for when you’ve finished cleaning the fish you caught.


Looks like a ray-gun attached to a robot.

Costs bugger-all ($156) and K’A’RCHER is a tried and tested brand, so you won’t be back yelling at sales-people any time soon.

Go HERE for more details


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