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Published on September 16th, 2014 | by Boris


In this glorious age of hyper-tech, you can now be contactable and rocking to the beat at all times – even when you’re trying to keep the front-end from folding under your shit as you carve sick bends with your mates on any Sunday. Hell, you can even make and receive phonecalls from your lawyer as the Highway Patrol is chasing you down the freeway.

And all with glorious sound-quality – even at speeds that make magistrates smile with vengeance. This is thanks to the DSP filter that automatically adjusts volume to compensate for environmental sounds such as your screaming, wind and engine noise.

Meet Fbeat from Interphone.

InterphoneFBEAT_Product_Shot (1)

It suits all the helmet brands, and can be synchronised with smartphones, GPS systems, and MP3 players using Bluetooth wireless technology (AVRCP, A2DP, and HFP).

It even works as an intercom if you have a pillion with one.

You can answer the phone remotely while riding and make calls using voice commands. When the Fbeat is synchronised to a compatible GPS system, you’ll be able to receive directions via audio instruction in a sexy girl voice.

Rocking out to One Direction, you will hear a notification each time you get a phone call to ensure you’ll never miss a call. Meanwhile, the song recovery function restores the music from the exact point of its interruption.

HOW MUCH? RRP: $149.95

For further information and a list of stockists go HERE.


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