Published on January 7th, 2013 | by Al


I just came back from a couple of days camping at my brother Ben’s new place out west. I took a battery with me, and we got his old Yamaha XT225 going.

I took it for a test ride and rounded up some goats, did some hill work on one of the dam walls, and did a couple of circuits of the fence line of the front paddock.

“I reckon it needs three things to improve it”, I said to Ben after this. “Get rid of the mirrors, get rid of that keyring thing that makes a noise every time it hits a bump, and put the standard countershaft sprocket back on.”

An hour later, Ben said “I’ve removed the mirrors from the XT.”

“It will be better”, I said. “Take it for a test ride.”

“I have”, Ben said.

“And?” I asked.

“I haven’t looked back.”


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Al does a bit of everything, and likes hanging around with Boris, because there are generally motorcycles and whiskey, and because hilarity generally ensues. He wastes his spare time not moderating the BIKE ME! forums, where he posts occasionally and is regarded as unfair, unbalanced and unmedicated. Shows how much THEY know.

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