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As you can see, I have been using these Held summer gloves since early spring last year. They have done a lot of miles. Why? Simple. They’re my go-to summer glove.


To be honest, I pretty much exclusively wear Held gloves, and have for years. In my view, they are the best gloves money can buy – and this view is shared by all those people who hand out awards for these things.


I’m of an age where I no longer have to wear less-than-great gear – and I certainly won’t tell you gear is good if it isn’t. You’ll note there are brands I do not review for that very reason.


But I am happy to recommend Held gloves and gear, because I wear it, and it’s great, rather than just because they advertise with me personally, which they don’t.


So, the Sambia KTC jobbies. No, I do not know what the KTC stands for. It could be Killer Touch Clowns. It could be Kilo Top Coke. No-one knows, and no-one should care.


They are billed as Adventure gloves – and I think that’s because they have an expandable knitted cuff and that’s an Adventure thing apparently.

Frankly, I don’t care what they call themselves. They are an ideal summer glove. They offer massive, vented, and tested knuckle protection, the fully perforated palm is kangaroo (reinforced with SuperFabric and underlayed with Armaprotec), they are colourfast and sweat-proof, you can use a Smartphone with them, and they fit like a top-quality glove should.


On those warm days when you feel like riding naked, you should still maybe leave some gloves on. Your hands suffer terribly when bad things happen. You tend to put them down early in the tumbling process. It’s a reflex, after all.


But I don’t care what you wear. I have ridden helmetless and shirtless before and I will again. But, strangely enough, I have always put gloves on.


These Sambia KTC jobbies are excellent. And the massive knuckle-protection looks magnificently threatening.


Held just called me – KTC stands for Knitted Tight Cuff. Sadly.

COST: $160

Colours: All black, or this grey-and-black-combo I have.


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