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Hands up if you’re old enough to remember under-gloves?


No? OK, let me refresh your memory. Back in the days when dinosaurs roamed the earth there were two types of gloves. Thin ones for summer and thick ones for winter. Both were kinda shit, but the winter gloves were truly shit. They did nothing except made it impossible to feel your controls.


Sometimes, we would wear dishwashing gloves underneath to them out in their duties.

Then some bright spark came up with the idea of “under-gloves”. Essentially, thin, fabric gloves you could put on before you put your actual riding gloves on. They were pretty shit too. Too many seams, too bulky, and very uncomfortable. Yes, I bought a pair. That’s how I know.


Fast forward 45 years and we have a whole new thing in the under-glove world called Held Infinium Skin. And these, because materials technology has come further than bike technology, are not shit. They are amazing…well, because GORE-TEX is amazing.


These are very thin inner gloves with only one seam, which are absolutely windproof, and while not entirely waterproof, can handle a fair bit of moisture.

There is no windchill-effect – which is the biggest issue you have with your gloves on your bike when the temperature starts to drop. Especially if you like vented race gloves.


Another thing to consider is that over time, gloves stretch. You still love them, but they don’t fit quite like they used to.


Here’s where the Infinium Skins come into their own. Put them on. Put your old gloves over them. Be astonished. Be warm. Have total feel.


GORE-TEX is so popular because it breathes. Perspiration leaves, the wind can’t get through, and because technology is where it is, the whole job-lot now stretches and fits like a second-skin.


The thing that really impressed me was there was no need to take them off when I stopped to get petrol or check my phone. I just took off my outer gloves and had all this sexy Wakanda Forever! stuff on my hands.


My hands were warm. All the time. Even when I was wandering back from some ice-blasted drinking hole at two in the morning. Usually, I would push my fists into my pockets and put up with cold fingers.

Not no more. Because Wakanda Forever! And you get a five-year guarantee if for some reason Forever isn’t.


Seriously, though, what a great idea. I’ll bet you never even thought such a thing was possible. I sure didn’t.


And yes, they fit so skin-like you can get them into your gloves even if they haven’t stretched all that much.






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