Published on April 9th, 2012 | by Al


Easter Monday, and lunch was in the Friendly Inn at Kangaroo Valley with Oleh, who has a new (to him) SV650. It’s a good ride, Kangaroo Valley. I hadn’t done it in ages.

Oleh says my atheism is horrible and sarcastic, and ignores the good done by the church. I acknowledged that the church had at the peak of its power done its best to kill everyone who disagreed with it, and what’s not to like about that?

Oleh wants me to read Alain de Botton and become a better individual. Like I’ve got time for that. I’m currently reading three books at once. Why add one when I know how it ends? (I assume it ends with me being a better individual.)

Easter Monday brings out the worst in people.

I arrived home about 1830 to a hot dinner. Rabbit. Not a chocolate one. With apricots.

Sometimes I wonder about my family.


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Al does a bit of everything, and likes hanging around with Boris, because there are generally motorcycles and whiskey, and because hilarity generally ensues. He wastes his spare time not moderating the BIKE ME! forums, where he posts occasionally and is regarded as unfair, unbalanced and unmedicated. Shows how much THEY know.

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