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DAYTONA PILOT GTX LADIES BOOTS REVIEWED – “So this is why you love them…”

They are about 80km old here. So still shiny.

My wife, Lynette, has heard me banging on about Daytona boots for ages. As have you. You’ll recall I told you to throw all your other boots into the bin a while back.


And I meant it. There are no better motorcycle boots on the planet. This is a simple statement of fact. Daytona boots are handmade in Germany, and because they are made this way, they will last you for years and years. People who buy Daytona boots just don’t buy other boots because…well, they don’t have to.

If you ride, then you’ll be pleased to see they have all the riding bits needed, and flex well at the ankle.

Feel free to ask anyone who owns a pair, or anyone who works in the motorcycle industry. Daytona make the best bike boots – end of story.


But talk is cheap where my wife is concerned. She treats most of what I say with a degree of suspicion. The only way I could convince her of the rightness of my opinion on Daytona boots was to get her a pair.


Enter the Pilot GTX – specifically made for ladies, who have different-shaped feet to those monstrous meat-plates you rely on to keep you strutting.

Two Velco fasteners which allow for easy on and off, and a proper fit at the calf.

“They’re…um, kinda rigid and stiff,” she said, hefting them for the first time. “They look cool, like they don’t look like men’s boots.”


All new boots feel a bit stiff, and Daytona items are no exception – especially given their construction, and yes, there’s a metal shank in the sole to stop your foot being folded in half if you have an oopsie, as well as making sure the boot keeps its shape long after you’ve let yourself go for the winter season.


“Can you walk in them?” I asked, as she wandered around the lounge room.


“Sure. But they feel…well, very sturdy. Substantial. I don’t think they’d ever wear out. It sounds strange, but I feel protected.”

It’s just a quality product. Pure and simple.

“That’s because I’m here.”


“No, fool. My feet feel like they’re encased in armour. But it’s an armour that flexes. It’s strange. Not like any other boots I have.”


We went for a decent ride and I quizzed her as we went along.


“No slipping off the pegs?”


“No, none, but stop accelerating so hard. The police will put you in gaol.”


“Are they giving you blisters and can you dance in them?”


“I thought they would give me blisters because they’re new, but that’s not happening. And I can dance in anything.”


“Can you sum them up?”

Non-slip sole? Of course.

“I haven’t seen a better-made pair of boots in my life. Everything on them looks top-shelf – the zipper, the Velcro, even the stitching is amazing.”


“They’re not cheap, you know.”


“I wouldn’t expect them to be. Are they waterproof?”


“Totally. Full of Gore-Tex goodness.”

Compare them to the boots you have now. Please.

“So this is why you love them, huh?”


“Pretty much. Look, I know they’re not cheap, but great stuff is never cheap.”


“I have heels I’ve paid twice as much for, and they have a lot less leather on them than these do. These are pretty amazing.”



HOW MUCH? $550


WHERE CAN I GET THEM? You can buy them online at, CLICK HERE, or call Made in Germany on 1300 916916  


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