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Published on January 19th, 2015 | by Boris


If you were to get a straw and suck the oil out of any super-duper racing motorcycle, you would probably find it tastes like Ipone, which is to say a piquant mixture of old dinosaurs and strawberries, with just a hint of cinnamon.  But don’t actually do that, OK? Or do it, and film it so we can put it on YouTube.

R4000 RS 10W40 4L

Now then, the good people at Ficeda would like it known that they have a comprehensive new range of this top-end lubricant complete with added Esters (no, we do not know what ‘Esters’ are, but we do know they have to be there because shut-up) and clearer labelling so when you’re full of beer and servicing your bike, you don’t pour two-stroke oil into a four-stroke engine. Yes, it has happened.

This is what Ficeda reckons about its Ipone range:

“New formula oil in the Katana road and offroad products (100% Synthetic with advanced Esters focused on faster, smoother shifting) and R4000 synthetic plus with Ester (Semi-Synthetic ester-based lubricant focused on engine protection), fall in line with the recently established Racing range of products which have already proven themselves to be among the best, if not the best, performing lubricant products under the most extreme racing conditions all over the world.

New packaging allows customers to quickly and easily find the right oil for their application with labelling that clearly shows key information such as 4 stroke or 2 stroke, product name, key benefit, oil viscosity and importantly the applicable standard as well as an easily identifiable image showing the typical product use all on the front of the bottle making it a quick and easy task to find the right oil.”


You almost wanna pour it over your head and run around a racetrack making ‘vroooom’ noises, huh?

In an oversight, which we are sure will be corrected soon, Ipone will also advise what kind of stuff you shouldn’t cook with its oil. We’re guessing fish at this stage.

Ipone is available at all good motorcycle stores, or go to the Ficeda website.





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