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Published on August 19th, 2015 | by Boris


Over in the Fresh Produce aisle, the Alladin’s Cave of Motorcycle Goodness (aka Kenma) is offering some shiny new goodies for discerning motorcyclists.

If you own a Yamaha R3, an MT-09 Tracer or a Ducati Scrambler (hehehehe), then we would direct your attention to the following indespensible products.


Made from the pointy bits of unicorns, which is exactly the same as aircraft-grade aluminium 7075 T6511, and Acetal for the sliders, you won’t know how good these things are until your bike’s been knocked over and you’re buying a new engine cover. $185 in white or black and the axle Oggy’s (front and rear) are $99 each.



Yes, we know you’ll never drop your brand new R3 because you have all these super-pwers that come with your L-plate. But if the untinkable should happen, this will be the best $249 you’ve ever spent. The sliders come in white or black and your axles can wear them as well for $99.


You can put lots of beer, whiskey and fresh underpants in these, and carry them all over the world. We have used and can vouch for Ventura gear. And we can vouch for the Tracer, too. • Suzuka 35L Touring-Kit RRP $359.00(Includes mounting hardware & Suzuka 35L Bike-Pack) • Rally-Euro 44-56L Touring-Kit RRP $399.00 (Includes mounting hardware & Rally-Euro 44-56L Bike-Pack) • Bora 31L Touring-Kit RRP $399.00(Includes mounting hardware & Bora 31L Bike-Pack) • Mistral 47L Touring-Kit RRP $459.00 (Includes mounting hardware & Mistral 47L Bike-Pack)

MT-09 Tracer_HR

People who don’t have hard luggage make fun of people who do. But people with hard luggage don’t care. They have hard luggage. • Astro TOP BOX Complete Kit – RRP $339.00 • Astro-TBR Cradle Combo – RRP $159.00(for bikes already fitted with Ventura L Brackets) • Astro TOP BOX – RRP $99.00

YZF-R3 High Res

The R3 in Grand Tourismo mode. You do know it’s only nine hours to Melbourne. Ten if you stop to drink beer along the way.


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