Dear George Dear George 4.4.17

Published on April 4th, 2017 | by George

“All About Butter”

Dear Gigi,

Just look at what this orange traitor-puta is doing, the fool.

He has forgotten his luggage and is playing on the moving walkways at Madrid airport. Is he 12-years-old? All that is missing is him clutching one of those filthy stuffed Pikachus parents buy their jet-lagged children to stop them screaming on the plane.

He will probably get on the wrong plane and go to Las Vegas. You don’t need luggage to go to Las Vegas.

And worst of all, he is copying me!

You know that box of T-shirts I have which say “All About Butter” on the front? Of course you do. You make Carlo the Tyre Boy unload it at every race and iron all the T-shirts in it.

Dear George 4.4.17

Well, the orange traitor-puta has clearly copied this concept of mine. But he has made it dumb, because he is not all about speed.

He is all about his teeth! Stupid smiling child. What has he got to smile about? He is not the Spartan. He doesn’t have a spear.

Racing, true racing, like what I do, is all about Butter.

I’m going to tell him that when we get to the track. That will wipe that stupid smile from his stupid face.

Have you installed the telemetry to my bike yet?

Love, George.

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