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Published on December 16th, 2014 | by Boris


Relax, Skynet has not yet become aware. But it’s close.

Behold the electronic wizardry now extant in the 2015 Aprilia Caponord.

It comes with Aprilia Dynamic Damping (aDD…don’t laugh), Aprilia Cruise Control (aCC), Aprilia Traction Control (APRC) and that Ride-By-Wire stuff, and now it will also boast the Aprilia Multimedia Platform (aMP).

Aprilia Caponord

According to Aprilia it is this:

 “The aMP application is available through iTunes whilst the aMP platform when fitted to the bike establishes a wireless connection between the motorcycle and aMP application transforming the rider’s iPhone or Android device into a virtual, real time, multifunction on-board computer.

The aMP application together with the aMP platform allows the rider to choose between the following functions: speedometer, RPM indicator, engine power and torque, instant and average fuel consumption, suggested gear selection, longitudinal acceleration along with an extended trip computer. With the help of gyroscopes and vehicle telemetry, the application is also able to calculate the riders lean angles. The aMP application will flash to indicate the intervention of Aprilia Traction Control (aTC) and the rider can also set a shift light at their favourite RPM. The aMP application will also store the journey data so that the rider can analyse their trip and their riding form.”

Cool, huh? It gets cooler. The app will also tell you when the bike is low on fuel, advise you where the nearest servo is, and tell you where the nearest Aprilia dealer can be found. It will also, and this could be its very best feature, record where on the planet the bike is parked when you switch the engine off, just in case you’ve forgotten where you left it. Don’t laugh. it happens all the time.

The aMP platform is available as an accessory and has an RRP of $341.00.

Go look here. It’s good stuff.

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