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Because they are top quality, and because I will personally put them into an envelope after fitting them between two sheets of protective cardboard, ride down to the post office and mail them to you, you can expect to pay the following…

  • One sticker sheet $18
  • Two sticker sheets $30.00
  • Three sticker sheets $36.00

All prices include postage and handling and a special mention of you to the Road Gods.

Notice the almost massive saving you get when you buy more than one sheet? That’s called ‘incentive’. And I’m all about that.

You’ll also note that one or two of the stickers are repeated on some of the sheets. This is because some of the stickers are so good I figured you might want two of them. Of course, there are no repeated stickers on individual sheets. Look at the pictures. I’m sure you’ll work it out.

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I have decided to produce stickers as a means of keeping myself and my family in hookers and whiskey now that I am self-employed. My family is not so much into the hookers and whiskey, but I’m hoping they will come around eventually.

To begin the greatest sticker empire the world has ever seen, I am pleased to offer three different sheets of stickery goodness for your considerations.

Each A4 sheet contains 12 stickers, which are the perfect size for your helmet or motorcycle. They are not so big that they will crease when you fit them to a rounded surface, and they are not so small that they cannot be read. It’s an excellent compromise.

They come in the following categories – Nice, Nasty and a combination of the two which I have called Nasty & Nice.

Here is NiceNice Ones

This is Nasty

Nasty ones

This is Nasty and NiceNice and Nasty


This is Nasty & Nice 2

160528_bikeme stickers_nasty&nice_002

This is Latin 1

160528_bikeme stickers_latin_001

This is Latin 2

160528_bikeme stickers_latin_002

This is Latin 3


Additional information

Sticker Style

Nice, Nasty, Nasty & Nice, Nasty & Nice 2, Latin 1, Latin 2, Latin 3


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